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Perfect Fashionable Polarized Sunglasses

These stylish and cool polarized sunglasses are highly fashionable, and extremely practical. Perfect for sunny days to both protect your eyes and elevate your style. These sunglasses are finely crafted and are available in a classical pilot design. Whether you live in a sunny city and need sunglasses constantly, or if you are going on holiday and need a pair of sunglasses that are both stylish and practical, look no further than this amazing product.

These sunglasses are great for:

  • Protecting your eyes
  • Elevating your style
  • Increasing the coolness of your look

Style: Pilot
Lenses Optical Attribute: Polarized
Frame Material: Alloy
Frame Color: Black, Gray, Silver
Lens Width: 62mm
Lens Height: 50mm
Lenses Material: Acrylic
Lens color: green, black

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