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Dark Purple Paisley Tie with Light Purple and Turquoise Accents

Our dark purple paisley tie with light purple and turquoise will look elegant paired with a light gray suit. The Tie Guys' 100% woven classic paisley tie is a gift any father would love to receive. We want you to look smartly dressed in a formal setting or in a business meeting. We offer free shipping with each order.

  • Dark purple background
  • Look good against a light grey shirt
  • Our ties are made of high quality material


Pair this elegant silk tie with a solid or striped white, light blue, pink, or grey shirt and a solid, striped, or plaid charcoal grey, navy blue, or brown suit. A light blue shirt will provide an elegant, monochromatic look- while a pink shirt will provide more contrast.


This is a hand-made 100% silk woven tie. It is completed with silk tipping, resulting in a sublime drape and supple feel - guaranteeing that this tie will last you for years to come.

Material: Silk
Pattern Type: Floral
Size: One Size

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Collections: Men's Ties

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