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Genuine Cowskin Mens Leather Belt with Automatic Buckle

Accessories make the outfit - there is no question about it. The proper tie for a suit and the most well designed belt for the trousers can make or break an ensemble. A poorly made cheap leather belt can drop a pair of pants to the ankles! In fact, mens leather belts well made out of genuine cow skin can make an inexpensive outfit look opulent.

This collection by Paske tenders unrestrained style designs with an automatic buckle for convenience and elegance. There are 12 buckle options and the belt fits sizes 100-130cm. They are priced to fit any budget.

Belt Width: 1.37 Inches
Buckle Length: 2.3 Inches
Buckle Width: 1.57 Inches
Fastening methods: Automatic Buckle
Width: 3.5cm
Leather: Genuine Leather belt
Belt Length: 100-130cm

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Size Guide
NE305 gold
NE305 silvery
NE304 gold
NE304 silvery
NE312 gold
NE312 silvery
Belt Length

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