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Genuine Cowskin Luxury Leather Belt

It’s the small things that matter in life and in fashion. The accessories are the icing on the cake. There is nothing more disconcerting than a great ensemble with an old pair of shoes and belt, or worse yet, no belt at all. If someone cares enough to buy a luxurious pair of pants, they should buy a luxury belt to top off the look.

Nothing says chic like a genuine cow skin leather belt with an elegantly designed automatic buckle. The San Vitale collection offers a broad choice each one more sophisticated than the next. They are available in various lengths.  

Belts Material: Cowskin
Buckle Width: 1.57 Inches
Buckle Length: 3.1 INches
Belt Width: 1.37 Inches

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Size Guide
SV 1430G
SV 1430S
SV 1427G
SV 1427S
SV 1428G
SV 1428S
SV 1429G
SV 1429S
SV 1431G
SV 1431S
Belt Length

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