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A shoulder bag, or backpack, is a necessity for your college student or busy businessman or businesswoman.  They come in many styles, made of a variety of materials, sizes, and prices.  There is a new one on the market today that everybody who uses a backpack should trade their ordinary backpack for.  If you regularly carry a laptop in your backpack this is the one that you should have.  Being anti-theft means that your valuable electronic devices will always be safe.  It is also waterproof, giving you extra protection for your electronics.  Check our webpage and read more about this innovative idea. 

Our shoulder bag will give you enough room for your laptop, charging devices, mouse, plus room for your cell phone and a clip for your keys.  They are made from canvas or nylon with durable polyester lining, zipper closings, and soft handles to make it easier to carry on your shoulder. 

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