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Tie Clip Review

January 27, 2017

Tie Clip Review

 I've been wearing ties every weekday since I began working full time, yet I've only recently discovered the usefulness of a tie clip (especially on windy days!). I am writing today in particular about the tie clip from The Tie Guys, I came across this item on my search for an accessory to keep my tie in place, and I was not disappointed.

 What I Liked

This tie clip is extremely affordable. I liked the fact that it came in both silver or gold (offering the customer some degree of choice), and the fact that it was made from a metal alloy means that you don't have to pay extravagant prices (although it's not actually made from solid silver or gold, it definitely seams as though it is due to the high quality workmanship put into its assembly and finishing).

I also liked the fact that The Tie Guys offered a money back guarantee on the purchase, which meant if I didn't like the product then I could get my money back, thankfully I did not have to do this.

 The product worked. I suppose this is the main thing you want when you buy something. You want it to work as it says it will. I wear this tie clip to work frequently and it does exactly what it says, holding my tie in place without a problem throughout the day.

 What I Really Liked

 I was especially happy with the fact that shipping was free. Having been conned with shipping costs in the past when purchasing items online, free shipping is a refreshing and well appreciated change to the online shopping model that I can totally get behind. They also threw in a free pair of socks with my purchase, which was a nice added benefit. It's always good to see a company being attentive to customer service and care.

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