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Taming Those Wild Hairs with Beard Balm

January 03, 2017

Taming Those Wild Hairs with Beard Balm

That crop of hair hanging off your face may be manly looking enough to scare off a grizzly bear- but if you’re looking for a good friend to burrow up to -try getting balmy. Sure we all know facial hair is not soft or easily controlled, but don’t try grooming products for head hair on your face, that creates a whole new set of problems.

The Tie Guys Club has an all-natural beard balm specifically formulated to moisturize and seal those out of control hairs. This pomade is devised to keep the hair soft and supple, (sounds just right for snuggling) allowing you to groom it to perfection.

Taming Those Wild Hairs with Beard Balm

Since it’s made of all natural products you don’t have to worry about toxic skin reactions like you do with synthetic grooming products. It’s the right combination of beeswax for control, coconut oil for moisture retention and to make it smell good, and Shea butter for that extra tender touch of comfort.

So if you don’t mind scraping the skin off your spouse’s face ignore this information, but if you prefer their affection, keep reading and rid yourself of that wire brush.

The beard balm from The Tie Guys is soft and easy to apply with your fingers then comb through. It gives glean to those unbridled hairs that make you appear poorly groomed. It will also reduce skin irritation, and provide nourishment. The coconut oil penetrates the hair follicles to alleviate itching and prevent skin irritation.

Daily balming can actually help repair damaged hair as it promotes cell regeneration. The beard will become thicker, fuller and controlled. Apply the balm after your morning shower, by massaging it into and around the hairs. It only takes a tiny pinch of it and a few minutes a day to look stunningly masculine.

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