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Bamboo Polarized Sunglasses

February 15, 2017

Bamboo Polarized Sunglasses

If you are looking to buy sunglasses that are both cool and comfortable, then you need not look further than the bamboo polarized sunglasses from The Tie Guys (made with real bamboo). These sunglasses will not only protect your eyes from the sun, but also add a stylish, funky flair to your summer look. Continue reading to learn more about this great product.


 Features regarding these sunglasses include: -

  • Bamboo frame – made using real bamboo.
  • Polarized lenses – meaning that they have been coated using a specialized chemical film that helps with glare reduction.
  • Availability in eight colors – so you are sure to find a color style that is perfect for you. Whilst the bamboo is only one color, the lenses can be purchased in blue, orange, red, black, aqua, and oil colors.

More Information

If you are going to buy sunglasses, or any other product for that matter, we understand that  it is important to be given as much information about the product before you purchase, which is what we are aiming to do here.

The bamboo polarized sunglasses from The Tie Guys have the following specifications: -

  • Width of the lens: 5 centimeters
  • Height of the lens: 4.1 centimeters
  • UV 400 – it is recommended that you purchase sunglasses that protect you from all or most of the suns rays to ensure that your eyes are fully protected. UV 400 means that all UV rays are blocked by these glasses from entering and possibly damaging the eyes.
  • Polycarbonate lenses – this is a strong material that provides both durability and optical clarity.
  • These glasses are unisex, meaning that are are suited to both men and women. Anyone can pull off these excellent bamboo sunglasses with a variety of styles.

Each purchase from The Tie Guys also comes with free shipping on every order, and we’ll even throw in a free pair of socks to further express our thanks for your welcomed business.

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