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Pens for Executives

February 18, 2017

Pens for Executives

Everybody loves a nice pen and executives are no exception. Now there are essentially two different forms of executive pens One type is expensive  name brands and the other one, the most commonly used, are less costly logo pens.

These managerial gifts are usually given in a promotional setting, either to secure a new contract or passed out at conferences. They are a perfect way to keep the company name in sight and mind of the consumers.

Most are ballpoint or roller ball pens decorated with bright colors and company names. They are always a favorite for collectors too. Who doesn’t want a new pen? Don’t buy the cheap ones, if you want to be remembered for the quality it starts with little tidbits like this.

If they are a handful of very special clients you should go with a boxed executive pen set. They can be engraved for the recipients and with selective choices can be quite impressive in appearance.

If you want to get fancy for one or all of your friends consider a pen with a stylus attached, that is a great accessory these days. The lines of inscription vary as do the barrel styles. The costs range from as little as $6.00 for a customized handsome executive pen up to $700.00 plus for the elite figures in your office.

Anyone that signs their name will appreciate a gift like an executive pen. For some, it gives people a sense of importance to have a quality stylish writing instrument. Like somehow their signature will become more imposing and leave a long lasting impact.

That impressive looking signature is the last personal mark of your character and personality. It is an important hint at who you are and how you succeed in the world. For this reason, alone, the fountain pens are making a huge comeback. The delicacy of the free flowing ink allows the user to individualize and elevate their identifiers to something akin to art.

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