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Anchor Bracelets for Men

January 26, 2017

Anchor Bracelets for Men

These anchor bracelets are amazing, totally masculine without overstating it. These will be the answer to those last minute gifts for the man you adore. They offer a unique look as well as a vital hidden message. Anchors have been the symbols of safety and hope since the first ship sailed. They were frequently found on the epitaphs of the catacombs to signify the people’s salvation and entrance into Heaven.

Christians adopted the anchor icon, in secret, as a show of strength and would either wear an anchor or tattoo it on their body. Safe houses were marked by anchors for those needing refuge from the Roman persecutions. The anchor took on many forms, including as a substitute for crosses when they were not allowed to be displayed on graves and doors of houses and now as men’s bracelets.

These simple shapes took on new meanings for different groups. They are a show of strength and stability in the roughest times of one’s life. It is the anchor that will keep man secure it's a sign of faith and hope for the future. Others consider it a sign of security in a relationship, a form of commitment to always be there to help no matter what the circumstances are.

These symbols almost disappeared in the fourth century, but in this world of many challenges, they have made a strong comeback. The Tie Guys Club offers a unique collection of anchor bracelets for men. They come fifteen different colors variations of rope and the clasp is cleverly designed as an alloy anchor with the word Viking engraved on it. The quality is unquestionable and they are appropriately priced to encourage consumers to purchase several.

Orders usually ship within 3 days of confirmation and shipping is free. The service is superior and the tie guys even send you a free pair of the most comfortable socks in the world.











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